UN Digital ID – A Building Block for UN Digital Cooperation

A UN DSC Award-Winning Solution Using Blockchain, Biometrics and Mobile                                                                                                                                                    

Digital transformation is changing the way the United Nations manages its data, information, interactions and identities online. The UN Digital Solutions Centre (UN DSC), in keeping with its ‘agile solutions for a modern UN system has developed an innovative digital identity solution for UN personnel.

The UN Digital ID is a digital wallet for UN personnel, for their personal, Human Resources, medical, travel, security, payroll and pension data kept over time, from onboarding into the UN to parting or retirement.

The technology behind the UN Digital ID has been piloted by different Agencies including UN Pension Fund, where they’ve replaced current manual processes with certainty for who and where pension recipients say they are at any given time.

Imagine a world where on-boarding does not take five days but only four hours. Where to prove you are eligible to receive your UN pension it only takes two minutes from the smartphone in the palm of your hand, compared to two months using the old regular post. The UN Digital ID is the same underlying engine that will power all these and many other use cases.

Massimiliano Merelli, Team Lead and Head of the SAP/ERP Service Team, WFP

UN Together Challenge Winner

The UN Digital ID project is the winner of the Reimagine  the  UN  Together  Challenge. On Thursday 12 November, Massimiliano Merelli, Team Lead and Head of the SAP/ERP Services Team at World Food Programme (WFP), pitched the UN Digital ID to a jury in a virtual 3-minute presentation. And the UN Digital ID project won!

The Reimagine  the  UN  Together  Challenge  is  driven  by  an  alliance  of  interested  individuals, networks  and  departments  across  the  UN  system,  such  as  the UN  Development  Coordination Office, the UN Innovation Network#NewWork, the UN System Staff College, Young UN: Agents for Change, and the UN Office of Information and Communications Technology, in consultation with staff unions and other key bodies. See more information on the other projects and jury for the Challenge here.

Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards for Government 2020

The UN Joint Staff Pension Fund, a collaborator and contributor to the UN Digital ID solution, is a finalist in Gartner’s Eye on Innovation Awards for Government 2020, with its Digital Certificate of Entitlement solution, which uses the same technology.

Gartner Eye on Innovation Awards recognize government organization initiatives that make innovative use of data and emerging technologies to tangibly advance their progress toward digital government. All submissions are assessed by Gartner, and finalists are selected by benchmarking against world-class performance standards.

About the UN Digital Solutions Centre

The United Nations Digital Solutions Centre is operated in partnership by the UN World Food Programme (WFP), the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and is supported by the UN International Computing Centre (UNICC). By leveraging new technologies and UN expertise, the Digital Solutions Centre aims to create a suite of digital solutions that can be shared among UN Agencies to transform common business operations and streamline time-consuming transactional tasks. Solutions developed by WFP and UNHCR will be made available to the entire UN system.